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3Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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Grace Digital 3-Play

The answer to connecting multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously is here with the Grace Digital 3-Play music Bluetooth 4.0 receiver with aptX. Connecting up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously with memory to pair up to 7 devices, the 3-Play brings a Bluetooth party to your A/V home stereo receiver, car stereo or powered speakers. Now you can listen to all the music, movies and games on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone however you choose. Just plug this sleek little adapter into your powered speakers, home theater system, or car sound system and get ready to rock out! Control your music from 3 different Bluetooth devices without unpairing any of them. Just press play on the device you want to listen to next and the music on the previously playing device will automatically pause. No more pairing and unpairing your Bluetooth devices. It’s that easy to turn your speakers, stereo, or car into `a wireless sound system for your Bluetooth-enabled smartphones or tablets.

Unlike Any Other Audio Receiver

The 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver is unique in that it has the ability to connect three Bluetooth devices to your stereo. You and your friends can share music you all love without having to worry about disconnecting and reconnecting mobile devices. Just hit play on any of the three Bluetooth enabled devices and the playlist takes over the party immediately. For further versatility, you can connect your 3-Play to your car stereo for mobile, on-the-go use, making it a premium companion for road trips. The portable 3-Play features expanded memory storing up to 7 devices and plays over 10 hours of music with a built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. The 3-Play has the flexibility to be connected into any audio input using a standard RCA or 3.5 mm jack.

What’s In the Box:

3play Bluetooth Receiver
AC Power Adapter
3.5 mm Audio Cable

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