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4th Dimension Wrist Watch Urban

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The 4th Dimension Watch: Urban Edition is certainly the watch to wear if you are a passionate of the modern design and also want to stand out with an unique timepiece when going out. The design for the wrist watch is inspired from its 2 big brothers, the 4th Dimension Desk Clock and 4th Dimension Clock. The watch face is made out of lightweight concrete which is delicately sculpted to ensure it has a perfect finish. Alongside the concrete watch face, the brass hands, the brass crown and leather strap are hand-shaped to be a perfect fit. As time passes and the watch is being worn the brass and leather strap becomes darker and richer, creating a good contrast and making the watch more unique and comfortable. The 4th Dimension Watch is designed to be elegant and sophisticated to fit any formal outfit  but at the same time modern and futuristic which will appeal to young people who want to make a statement.

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