5 ft x 5 ft Modular Duck House Building Plans Quack Shack

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This is a building plan and guide ( downloadable pdf) for building a 25 sq ft duck house (5 ft x 5 ft x 5 ft). The whole thing is modular and can be taken down in sections if you need to move it. In addition, the front wall is designed to be removed without the use of tools to allow easy cleaning and access. This could be used as a chicken coop with a few small changes. The total cost in materials is approximately $275 in lumber and other hardware. The total time to build is several days depending on your motivation level. Please note that i don’t ship a printed copy of this plan. Most people have access to a printer and print them out themselves. Unfortunately, i have to put this in here: 1. You build the structure yourself, it is a diy project. 2. You are not buying the actual structure. Here is a blog post i created about building this house:

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