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$500,000 Duffle Bag of Prop Money

0,000 Duffle Bag of Prop Money
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Don’t settle for cheesy prop money. Your production deserves the best!
These prop stacks will appear to look worn, edges may be torn, stacks will be stained and appear water damaged as they should be to have the used stained worn distressed look.

They are processed using a water based solution and stained for the visual fx. Each prop stack will be different as the staining process will create different stain patterns on the props.
50 $100 prop “used worn look” stacks with current bank strap and a brand new great quality duffel bag. Stacks are professionally water/dye stained and distressed in our clean smoke free facility.

Each stack consist of 1 color one sided top prints and 1 color one sided back prints with blank filler paper in between. Stacks contains blank filler paper.

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