5ml Luer lock syringe with black closure cap and screw on tip

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5ml (5cc) Luer lock syringe with a screw-on tip of choice and a syringe closure cap. The black caps screw on securely providing a tight leak-proof seal. Syringes are great to use with glue as a glue dispenser for diy crafting projects. Makes a glue applicator for adhering rhinestones, beads, half pearls, sequin, cabochons, and any of your diy projects. Tip flow is from smallest to biggest. Blue – 22ga plastic Tip, Baby Pink – 20ga plastic Tip, Green – 18ga plastic Tip, Black – 16ga plastic Tip. tip: i personally use e6000 glue in the syringe for my diy projects. You can purchase e6000 glue at your local store at Micheal’s United States, Michael’s Canada. Syringes are for Craft use only. Industrial use only. Not for Medical use. 3ml Luer lock syringes

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