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There are some people who proudly proclaim, ‘I can boil eggs perfectly!’ But eggs have been the reason why many contestants on Masterchef episodes received tongue lashing and scathing reviews from Gordon Ramsay. 6 PCS Eggies Egg Cookers is here to fix that!(You don’t believe me? Bare with me through the article).

It is safe to say that these seemingly ordinary oval food items have made and destroyed culinary dreams(to be honest i have no idea how to boil eggs properly).

What are its advantages?

This 6 PCS Eggies Egg Cookers produces the most perfect boiled eggs every single time. Not everyone can boil eggs with the right consistency.

This cooker allows even an amateur cook to boil eggs like a pro.

It eliminates the need to peel shells after it gets cooked.

You only need to crack the egg, put it inside the cooker. After it is cooked, twist the top gently, and the shells will be removed.

What is it made of?

6 PCS Eggies Egg Cookers is made of pure silicone. It is a premium and high-quality material. It is free from animal ingredients as well as latex, which can be toxic for health.

The design is leak-proof, which prevents the egg white from leaking. The design is called a buckle seal. This reduces the need to use a lot of pressure while twisting, which may break the egg.

6 PCS Eggies Egg Cookers Additional Information

This egg cooker from Flyboos has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

In case of any issues, the total amount is refunded immediately. It includes six non-stick cups. It is not recommended for use in a microwave.


  • Is made out of high quality materials.
  • It is leak-proof.
  • Can be used to make different types of egg dishes.


  • You will never learn how to boil eggs on your own.

So as easy and straightforward as it may seem, boiling eggs perfectly is an art. But of course, not all of us have the time or the inclination to try and boil an egg. This is why this egg cooker is a blessing in the kitchen.

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