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6000mAh Mobile Battery with Lightning Cable

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A thin mobile battery that contains a Lightning cable for charging iPhones. Being only 14 mm thick, the TAGPLATE easily fits in your bag for travel or fits in your hand to continually charging while on the phone. If you are not interested in the design, but you need a large capacity power bank so you don’t have to re-charge it daily, check out this Anker PowerCore+.

Stay charged
The high-efficiency lithium battery provides 6,000mAH of power. It can fully charge an iPhone 6s approximately two times before being recharged.

4 Earth-tone colors
We have 4 “Earth-tone” colors to seamlessly blend into your everyday life, including the simplicity of white and black, khaki which is associated with utility, and saffron which exudes warmth.

All metal components are easily hidden upon storage.

No need to worry about the cable damaging any of your other items.
The soft texture of felt covers the battery, making it attractive to carry with your iPhone or iPod.

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Check price on Amazon.com

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