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Help your child develop a habit of reading with these printable reading logs! includes: 1 pdf with 8 Reading Log Options in Black and White (12 pages total) 1 pdf with (the same) 8 Reading Log Options in Color (12 pages total) Instructions for Each Option In this pdf, youll find eight different reading log options for your child. Every child is different and will enjoy a different log. This collection of options caters to several learning styles and abilities. It also includes incentive-based charts for children who are externally motivated (i.e. “I’ll read a book if you give me a dum-dum.”) Print them, and let your child choose a reading log that suits his or her learning style and is age and is appropriate for his or her abilities. Use the descriptions in the pdf to help figure out which log may be best for your child. Remember that your interest in his or her reading is crucial to your childs success! remember: One of the greatest things you can teach to your child is a love of reading. By communicating to your child that reading regularly is important (and can be fun, too!), you will encourage the development of a life-long learner. printing: Prints on 8 1/2 by 11 paper (a4, standard). Print as many times as you like for personal or classroom use!

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