925 Sterling silver Jump RingsSOLIDOpened & Closed Jump

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Free shipping!!!!! Shop $300.00 or over and get free shipping. Code: 300freeship 925 Sterling silver Jump Rings, Opened & Closed soldered, Round 1pc, 2pcs, 5pcs, 10pcs, 20pcs, 30pcs, 40pcs, 50pcs, 100pcs. solid 925 sterling silver 3×0.6mm Open 4×0.8mm Open 4×0.64mm Closed soldered 5×0.8mm Open 5x1mm Open 6x1mm Open 7x1mm Open 7x1mm Closed soldered 8×1.5mm Open 8x2mm Brushed Closed soldered 10×1.5mm Open Those size: (3×5.5mm Closed) (4×0.5mm Split) (4×0.76mm Closed)(4×0.64mm Closed)(6x1mm Closed)- (6x4x0.8 Oval) (5×0.7mm Split)(10x1mm Open)are in our other listing.

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