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Abisco Stone Bathroom Sink

Abisco Stone Bathroom Sink
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Abisko Washbasin is a totally new concept for our modern lifestyle. In these environmentally-conscious times the cast mineral marble washbasin Abisko brings us back to nature. Inspired by the unspoilt waterfalls of the Swedish National Park Abisko, the sink is unfettered by pipes. Nor does it allow water to accumulate in a big tub, something designers Johan Kauppi and Lars Sundström deem unnecessary. Rather, one should be aware of just how much water one is using, and catch it with careful consideration. An extraordinary, sculptural piece, the Abisko washbasin captures the freshness of mountain streams as water cascades down the length of the sink to slip away down a discreet floor-level grill.

Composite stone with silky-mat white surface and solid color and material all the way throughout. Advanced material created from natural minerals and modified polyester resin. Seamless, non-porous and easy to maintain and renew. Our composite stone molding technique has been improved and modified to outrun production costs and quality of classical cut and glue manufacturing methods. All our washbasins are customizable according to specific requirements and room dimensions. Suitable for home- or public bathrooms.

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