Abstract Blue Art Storm Color Blue Painting Cool Tone Blue

Abstract Blue Art Storm Color Blue Painting Cool Tone Blue
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Abstract Blue Art Storm Color Blue Painting, Cool Tone Blue Wall Art Large Original Painting on Canvas Framed Blue Artwork by Nandita Albright == a one-of-a-kind absolutely original unique oil / Acrylic painting. Hand painted and signed by me Nandita Albright selling direct from Dallas Texas. == ) .) (.(. (.` on sale now “ == Nandita Arts logo will not appear on purchased painting. == Artwork description: Artist: Nandita Albright Title: “Petals of Thought – 12” Size- 72 inches width by 36 inches height by 3/4 inch depth stretched on a wooden frame. Side black painted. Color: Turquoise, White, Blue and Black Conditions: New, original and in excellent condition. Direct from my studio Nandita Arts in Dallas tx. Stretched on a wooden frame. Finished with a glaze of uv varnish to protect against sunlight and dust damage. You will receive a shipment for confirmation and tracking number. Signed and dated on the front and back by the artist, Nandita Albright artist: i am a primarily self-taught original artist specializing in abstract painting, modern art, oil paintings and acrylic paintings. i paint my abstract paintings nearly every day and i hone my skills ~ whether it be reading, viewing new large artwork, or just plain living. Check out my wall art home dcor; i post new artwork nearly every day. i have sold worldwide to art collectors throughout the u.s., Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Norway, Peru, Japan, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, throughout the nation and internationally. These are original wall-hanging hand painted professional contemporary art paintings direct from my studio in Dallas, Texas. Visit my Contemporary Art Gallery:

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