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Acoustibox Brown Shades

Acoustibox Brown Shades
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The Acoustibox is designed to let your music and you be free. Placing your smartphone on the dock will allow the Acoustibox to amplify your favorite songs up to three times without the necessity of electricity, battery or bluetooth speaker! The ability to hear more detail in the music especially with acoustic sounds! If you are a vinyl passionate, the GoodNew Vinyl Record Player is a very good choice. It is also compatible with other devices.

So what we like to say is “Listening to music has never been so elegant.”

Most-Compatible Devices: Apple: iPhone 6 – 6 Plus, iPhone 6S – iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 – 7 Plus, iPhone 8 – 8 Plus, iPhone X – iPhone XS – iPhone XS Max – iPhone XR Samsung: Galaxy S Series

Dimensions: Length: 24.5cm Width: 15cm Height: 40cm

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