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Aerato Red Wine Carafe by XD Design

Aerato Red Wine Carafe by XD Design
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Aerato takes red wine tasting and drinking to a higher level of enjoyment. With this handy and complete wine carafe you have an all in one unit to air, serve and pour wine.

Unlike ordinary decanters, where the decanting merely allows the wine to breathe, the special sealing system of Aerato ensures that the aroma does not escape and develops its taste fully while sealed inside.

As soon as you pour the wine into Aerato, you will see that this decanter is somewhat different. A small funnel is attached below the carafe opening that allows the wine to circulate and breathe even while filling the carafe. This means that you can enjoy the wine directly without having to wait, as it is already perfectly aired. The opening can then be sealed using a bamboo lid in order to allow the aroma to develop to its fullest.

The clever design of the Aerato provides for a pleasurable wine-drinking experience while at the same time offering a truly eye-catching set piece for any table. Aerato from XD Design won a Red Dot Award in 2014.

Carafe for red wine
Material: glass, bamboo lid
Dimensions: 18.9 x 20.9 cm.

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