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Aerix VIDIUS HD Smallest Live Streaming HD Video Drone

Aerix VIDIUS HD Smallest Live Streaming HD Video Drone
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We took our original VIDIUS Drone and made it A LOT better!
Using customer feedback, we have made the following upgrades and changes to bring you the New and Improved VIDIUS

HD Drone:
720p HD Video Upgrade: Replacing the previous 420p camera model in the new VIDIUS HD is a 720p High Definition video camera system. Pilots will notice brighter colors, smoother images and a clear line of sight. This is especially important when using the Virtual Reality capabilities described below.

Goggle Mode™: VIDIUS HD Pilots can now fully immerse themselves in live, high definition, first-person view flight, using our new Aerix VR Goggles™. Utilizing our AERIX Drones App (iOS/Android) and your Smartphone, simply place the app into Goggle mode, insert your smartphone into the VR Goggles and get a real-time view from the cockpit of your tiny VIDIUS HD Drone as you fly and play back flights.

Altitude Assistance Module™ (AAM): The number one thing pilots of the original VIDIUS Drone asked for was help with keeping a steady altitude. AAM™ brings the technology of larger drones into the World’s Smallest Live Streaming HD Video Drone™ by utilizing a barometer style device inside the drone, which helps maintain altitude, allowing pilots to focus more on directional flight and less on going up too high or dropping too low. Altitude adjustments can now be made in smaller increments as well.

Built-in Blade Guards: The VIDIUS HD features a new and improved blade guard design which securely fastens the blade guards between the top and bottom body components, ensuring that they stay on during impact, providing greater protection for your drone, while still remaining removable for those that like a good thrill.
Headless Mode: Many customers have been asking for a headless mode feature to be added to the VIDIUS, we listened. Pilots can now begin flight in headless mode and maintain a constant directional flight that keeps the exact perspective of forward, back, left and right.

Emergency Blade Stop: In the event of a runaway drone, imminent crash or hair entanglement, pilots can now quickly stop the blades on the VIDIUS HD from spinning.
Blade Removal Tool: Removing blades is inevitable and often times frustrating, the new VIDIUS HD now comes with a handy-dandy blade removal tool to get your blades swapped and back in the air quicker and easier than ever before!
APP Upgrades: The VIDIUS App has been upgraded to now include AAM™ Flight Controls, One-touch Takeoff, One-touch Landing, Draw-to-fly and Goggle Mode.

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