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Aero Wine Aerator

Aero Wine Aerator
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Aero Wine Aerator by Brookstone. “Smoother wine, richer fruit bigger flavor.” “Releases your wine’s underlying potential.” “Improves enjoyment of a variety of reds.” – Beverage Testing Institute, 2012 independent tasting Better flavor. No waiting. Designed by Brookstone Labs, USA Releases wine’s full flavor and bouquet in seconds. Smarter, faster alternative to traditional decanting. Simply insert in bottle or glass and press button to aerate for 30 seconds. Oxygen softens tannins for smoother, better tasting wine. Built-in LED light lets you see aeration at work. Includes 2 stems (long stem for full bottles, short stem for glasses) and storage stand. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). Use our wine aerator to release your wine’s full flavor and bouquet. When it comes to reds, a little air can do lot of good. That’s because the best flavors and aromas of your wine can only emerge when you let it “breathe,” exposing it to the outside air.

We designed Aero to do it even better-by bringing the outside in. Aero infuses oxygen directly into your wine, releasing its underlying potential before it’s even out of the bottle. Our wine aerator helps age younger wines faster. Younger and more full-bodied wines often require lengthy aging to reach their full potential. By infusing air directly into the wine bottle, Aero softens the wine’s tannins for more smoothness and enhanced flavors-all faster than traditional cellaring and decanting. The result? A more mature, better tasting wine in under a minute.

Press the aeration button once for 30 seconds of aeration. Or, for younger, more full-bodied reds, you can experiment by pressing the button again for a second cycle of aeration. Improve your wine by the bottle or glass Planning on entertaining? Use the long stem to aerate an entire bottle. Aero’s built-in LED lets everyone see the wine transform right before their eyes. And if your guests need a little refresh or prefer different levels of aeration, the smaller stem

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