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Aerocart by Worx

Aerocart by Worx
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THE 8-In-1 All-Purpose Carrier

The WORX Aerocart lets you lift less and do more. It is much more than a wheelbarrow, it is an 8-in-1 all purpose lifter, carrier, mover that lightens every load. The two oversized, balanced wheels make lifting a 300 pound load capacity feel more like 25 lbs. The Aerocart is revolutionary because it makes heavy loads easy to move. The secret is the breakthrough design that places the wheels right under the load for maximum leverage which reducing lifting force by up to 4x. You no longer need to do the heavy lifting and balancing.

Unlike single wheel wheelbarrows that can easily tip over with heavy loads, the two wheels provide superior stability. The Aerocart features never flat tires, so it is always ready when you are. The tires are made for both outdoor and indoor use. The Aerocart also features a narrow design which allows you to go through fence gates and doorways with no problems. The all Steel construction makes it tough and built to last. When not in use, the compact design takes up very little storage space. You can even remove the handles and the Aerocart fits in your trunk for portability.
Accessories and Capabilities

The WORX Aerocart comes with four accessories that allow you to do more with this all purpose tool. The all steel cart comes with a Mesh Rock lifter that connects to the extension arms. The Potted Plant Mover strap connects to the extension arms and remains balanced during transport. The Cylinder Holder clips into the frame while in dolly mode and makes moving round objects easy.

The Bag Holder also connects into the frame while in dolly mode and allows you to add a bag for gathering leaves, grass clippings or picking up trash or recyclables. The Aerocart has so many capabilities, you will find yourself turning to it more and more. With the Aerocart in cart mode you can grab a trailer ball (sold separately), secure it in the hole on the bottom flap and now you have a personal trailer mover. The Aerocart allows you to move trailers up to 1000 lbs.
Save Time, Space and Money

The Aerocart provides you with multiple ways to save. You save time moving objects with less effort and always having the right tool. The Aerocart is also a space saver. When you fold the Aerocart up, you can easily find a space in the garage or shed because of it’s small vertical foot print eliminates the need to store multiple items to do all of the jobs the Aerocart can do. You also save money by not having to buy multiple transport tools or pay to have someone come do the moving for you.

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