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Air Conditioned Bed Mat

Air Conditioned Bed Mat
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Now with a water gel function that increases the comfort of your sleep, the by Atex is placed over your bed to create a better experience when you are resting. The fans work with the absorbent meshing to cool you down, while the air circulation ensures you won’t get too hot or sweat.

You can also use the mat with aroma oils, enhancing your relaxation and comfort during the sticky summer nights. It will feel almost as if you are sleeping on water and its practical half size means it can fit almost all beds. There is also a range of timer options and high or low settings depending on the climate of your room.

The Air Conditioned Bed Mat Soyo-soyo Half-Size features:
・Size: around 940 x 925 x 70mm (37 x 36.4 x 2.8″)
・Weight: around 2 kg (4.4 oz) (not including adapter)
・Cord: around 2m (6.6 ft)
・Materials: polyester (85%), cotton (15%)
・Output: DC 12V
・Input: 100V 50/60Hz
・Maximum eW
・Settings: high, low
・Timer: 4, 6 hours, 8 hour (10-minute on/off cycles)
・Includes water gel pads x 2, cover, AC adapter, aroma oil cartridge (no oils included)

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