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Air Sleep SI Mattress

Air Sleep SI Mattress
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The Air Sleep SI Mattress offers “home conditioning” with its spine idealizer design.
There are four layers: a contact layer, a balancing layer, a suspension layer, and a supportive layer. These work to spread your body pressure evenly and gently throughout the mattress, so you aren’t putting too much pressure on one area of your body, especially your lower spine. This is achieved by the roughly 1,860 “bumps” on the surface of the mattress that alleviate the sense of pressure that can affect blood circulation.

Between the bumps are special cross slits that ensure the mattress is well ventilated and air can circulate freely. It also helps dry is out after use.
The mattress rolls up for ease of storage, so you can take it on trips or use it like a futon.
Choose between two types (regular or hard) as well as three sizes (single, semi-double or double).

Single: 9 x 97 x 195cm (3.5 x 38.2 x 76.7″)
Semi-Double: 9 x 120 x 195cm (3.5 x 47 x 76.7″)
Double: 9 x 140 x 195cm (3.5 x 55 x 76.7″)
Made in Japan

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