Airselfie 2

Airselfie 2
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Drones used to be the domain of the rich and frivolous, with enough money to splash out and enough time to bother learning how to fly the darn thing. Not anymore though. This tiny little drone is all you need to take selfies that will see your likes mounting into the thousands in no time. Get shots you never thought were possible, from making sure everyone in your group pic is included, to sweet angles that show off your best side and any stunning backdrop behind you – all with stunning image quality. You wouldn’t expect a device that’s smaller than your phone and the weight of a golf ball to contain such a brilliant 12mp camera, but you’d be wrong. Amazing detail aside, it also tracks your face and contains sophisticated sensors to keep it stable in flight to ensure you get the perfect snap. It’s even easy to use! Just load up the Airselfie app to control it and take as many shots as you can fit on your phone. No need to upgrade your icloud storage, it comes with 16 gb of storage space. As if that wasn’t enough, put the Airselfie powerbank (included, naturally) to good use and you’ll be able to fly continuously for over an hour. Jolly good thing too, you won’t want to stop taking amazing shots once you’ve started.

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