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AirWheel M3 Skateboard

AirWheel M3 Skateboard
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It is electric powered, and controlled by a handhold wireless remote. Slide the remote forward to go forward and accelerate, hold the remote to keep a constant speed, and slide backward to decelerate and brake. The electric skateboard will respond to the riders’ shift of body weight, similar to the regular one, to turn left or right.

Experience the excitement of SURFING right outside your door, for anyone, at anytime.
Expertise in regular skateboarding is a plus but not necessary, everyone can master it right away.
An optimized skateboarding experience, riders can focus on carving and steering instead of push-kick to keep the longboard moving.
The skateboard is bidirectional , means it can head either forward or backward by simply switching the direction button on the remote .
Featured with bigger All Terrain Rubber Tires and Built-in Damper Masses, the combination of which enables more durability, more stability and stronger anti-skid capacity

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