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Albert Calculation Clock

Albert Calculation Clock
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ALBERT is a digital clock for kids that allows us to experience learning in a playful way. An everyday object turns into a comic challenge: different levels of mathematic calculations have to be solved in order to read the time.
The Albert clock gets your brain active, it keeps you sharp with mathematics, and it can be set to different levels of difficulty.

It’s approximately 35 cm wide, 15 cm high, and 5 cm thick.
Albert supports both 12h and 24h format – you can choose the format from the menu.
You can use the clock with 110 V and 220 V. Can be used in every country on the world – an adapter for your country will be delivered.
The Albert clock can simply be mounted on the wall. In case you do not have a AC outlet on the wall, the included 3m long textile cable and a dedicated wall fixation system for easy use allow you to put Albert nearly anywhere you like!
Comes in three colors: Concrete Grey, Lucid White and Scholar Red

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