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Albert Einstein Mini Figure

Albert Einstein Mini Figure
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Heroes you can grow with

Several years ago I set out on a journey…My goal was to create a line of action figures based on the heroes of my adult life; people like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, whose lives inspire me to this very day.
The idea was simple enough. What would happen if we introduced kids to these characters – and the ideas they represent – early on in life? We all know that kids emulate the characters they adore, so what if we expose them to the people who symbolize our highest ideals?

It won’t turn them into geniuses overnight but hopefully it will open the door for us to introduce young kids to amazing concepts like Gandhi’s non-violence, Einstein’s creative genius, Freud’s introspection, Tesla’s boundless’ determination, and Warhol’s self-expression.
The big trick? They had to be fun! They had to be just as cool and colorful and lovable as all the other toys on the shelf, so that kids would gravitate towards them all by themselves.
I spent over two years sculpting the characters and learning all the ins-and-outs of toy making to get everything “just right”. The Little Giants are the result of that journey.

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