ALL Day Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask 3-Pack

ALL Day Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask 3-Pack
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Why should moisturizing become a core skincare routine?That’s because hydrated skin = balanced skin = GREAT skin. When you have imbalance, using more products WON’T save your face, but only compound the problems. Dekke Hud’s simple ALL Day Moisturizing Mask is your solution. It is rich in Shea Butter, known as the best moisturizing agent, which contains rich Vitamin A, E, F, anti-oxidants, omega-6 and other essential ingredients. The mask not only promotes hydration, but also leaves your skin feeling smoother after just one use. Our NON-RINSE mask is an intensive skincare product that restores the water-to-oil balance your face has long desired. ALL it takes is 15 minutes.

– For ALL Skin Types
– NON-RINSE and only takes 15 minutes
– Multi herbal extract ingredients moisturize and balance
– Anti-inflammatory properties help heal and soothe dry skin
– Includes 3 Masks. For best results, use 1-2 times a week

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