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Almost Heaven Outdoor Barrel

Almost Heaven Outdoor Barrel
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Handcrafted in the mountains of West Virginia, the Barrel Sauna is a work of art. Clear, Red Cedar heartwood is milled into ball and socket profiles. Stainless steel bands draw the staves tightly together, creating a structure free of unsightly fasteners. The tempered glass door closes gently with self-closing stainless steel hinges into a custom-made cedar frame.

Almost Heaven Saunas embody the essence of a traditional wet sauna experience. Enter the sauna room and breathe in the aroma of Western Canadian Red Cedar. In less than an hour your sauna will heat to over 190 degrees, then sprinkle water on the heater rocks to get a burst of moist, penetrating heat.

Because Red Cedar is a soft wood, you can sit on the benches and lean against the soft wood walls in comfort while your body absorbs soothing heat. At 72″ long and 72″ in diameter, the 6′ Barrel Sauna is our most popular model with comfortable seating for four adults. Since both temperature and heat time are a function of cubic feet of air space, it is important to utilize the airspace within the sauna for maximum heating effect.

Square saunas have “dead air space” within the sauna that is not used, but the round shape of the Barrel Sauna reduces dead air space without sacrificing sauna-bathing space. Since the benches face each other, it is easy to converse when sharing your sauna with others. The tinted glass door allows light into the sauna while at the same time protecting your privacy.

In addition, a light allows you to read the morning paper if you like to multi-task while taking your sauna bath! Because Red Cedar is naturally weather resistant, you can install your Barrel Sauna outdoors or indoors, whichever best suits your lifestyle. There are many health benefits to wet sauna use, including increased metabolism and caloric burn. The Barrel Sauna is an investment in a healthy lifestyle with a stylish sauna that will provide years of enjoyment!

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