Aludo Kip Leather Tissue Holder Designer Kleenex Dispenser Box

Aludo Kip Leather Tissue Holder Designer Kleenex Dispenser Box
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Tissues, who notices them? They’re just something you have around in a cardboard box and you just pull one whenever you need it, right? Well, not if you are a Japanese designer! Then you will find a way to create something like the Aludo Kip Leather Tissue Holder, an exquisite household object that makes tissues the centerpiece of your desk or coffee table. More than a dispenser of sheets of paper, this is as close an everyday object comes to becoming art!

Made of high-quality black leather, the Aludo Kip Tissue Holder can hold up to 100 standard-sized tissues and fits superbly into any modern home or office environment. But what really makes it stand out is the simplicity and originality of its design: this is what designers all over the world mean when they praise “Japanese minimalism.” Yet another stunning case of form going hand in hand with function that Japan never seems to run out of!

The Aludo Kip Leather Tissue Holder features:

  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 250 x 142 x 80 mm (9.8 x 5.5 x 3.1″)
  • Weight: approx. 55 g (1.9 oz)
  • Capacity: 75-100 tissues
  • Material: kip leather504
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