Amazing Bees Festival

Amazing Bees Festival
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The Amazing Bees Festival is a family experience that teaches children about the power of bees on our earth. Teaching while entertaining, the Amazing Bees Festival will take place in Boca Raton, FL. Even if you’re not local you can get in on the fun through our digital experiences and merchandise that you and your children are sure to love.

Think about a world without animals, fruits, and vegetables. Not many of us know the impact that bees have on the planet through pollination that helps plant life flourish. The Amazing Bees Festival was born out of a need to change that narrative and encourage us all to take a step forward with the rising generation to support bee populations.

The Amazing Bees Festival is a large scale production with all the bells and whistles of major productions. Amazing Bees festival is for the entire family and engages the entire family with IDENTIFIABLE characters, original screenplay, original music and loads of fun for the entire family coming to a city near you.

It’s Not Just a Festival

The Amazing Bees Festival is more than a festival that takes place in Boca, Raton. It’s an entire experience filled with video, song, merchandise, action figures, and more. You and your family can get in on the action by checking out the different rewards and expanding our impact!

Yoel is no stranger to supporting parents and educators in ways that encourage their children and students to thrives. For years, he has involved himself in programs and initiatives that ensure the safety and security of teenagers which, in his eyes are still children. He initially launched Promtix, a platform that provided students with a safe haven after prom. Following Promtix, Yoel felt that their was a void in the market of supporting students and children.

There are very few children’s touring events,
The touring events were not educational, and
Bees are a massive topic and he wanted to educate kids through identifiable characters
So he set out and began to build the Amazing Bees Festival, an experience of bee songs, dances, and exercises. It educates kids while helping them keep healthy. What could be better than learning about protecting bees and our environment while supporting kids well being?

The Amazing Bees Festival was designed to education the rising generation about the impact of bees on the world while entertaining them with exciting original content.

It’s the perfect time for your children to learn about what bees do and how we can promote their well being for the earth.

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