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Ameba Bottle Rack

Ameba Bottle Rack
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When it comes to buying the perfect present, the skill is right in the selection of the gift. At first glance this object looks funny, nice and colored. But there’s more than this!

AMEBA is really a smart design object: it’s a modular bottle rack with a practical carrying handle. As single piece, Ameba is a very smart and useful present for friends, or maybe a funny bottle rack to colour and spice up your tables and outdoor parties.

The gift box is truly a wonder! The hand drawn illustrations have the flavour of genuine things. It ‘a shame to throw it away! When used in multiple pieces for a modular composition, Ameba becomes a design configuration to decorate a corner of your living space or even a wall. Practical, fun, smart.

Inside diam: 94 mm

Measurements H 25 cm / W 26 cm / D 13 cm
Materials Recyclable polyethylene

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