Amethyst Crystal Airplant

Amethyst Crystal Airplant
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Please note my air plants are never glued to the crystals or stones. The air plant sits in a delicately wrapped non-tarnishable gold or silver wire on the edge of the crystals. The plant can be easily taken in and out of the wire to be watered. And if for some unfortunate event the air plant dies you can always replace it with a new one instead of trying to scrape off the glue from the beautiful crystal or humans each of these crystal air plant holder is an original. Each air plant and crystal will look very different from one another. They truly are one of a kind so please expect some variations.***************+1 White Gift Box with thin black grosgrain ribbon (Please pick the gift box sayings from the drop box)+1 gold dipped amethyst cluster (3-3.5″ Length x 2-2.5″ Width)+1 miniature tillandsia air plant (2″ Length x 1.5″ Width)+1 glass water mister (3″ Length)+Air Plant Care InstructionsThis amethyst crystals are known to bring a meditative and calming effect. They promote balance and peace. They are so perfect for your bedroom, baby’s room or any place looking to bring calm and peace to your space.the amethyst crystal clusters measures around 3-3.5″ width and 2-2.5″height. The air plants are approximately 1.5″ tall. The air plant is perched on a delicately wrapped gold wire on the edge of the amethyst cluster. The plant can be easily taken in and out of the wire to water. This air planter is perfect as an office desk accessories, boho decor, bedroom decor, or a cute gift for girlfriends!****************each air planter is handmade with great pride in my studio in Los Angeles.

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