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Amorfo Portable Gas Cartridge Stove

Amorfo Portable Gas Cartridge Stove
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The humble but ever-reliable tabletop stove is a staple of any Japanese household, essential for cooking nabe stews and other group meals on the dining table. In many ways, it is the contemporary version of the traditional Japanese hearth, the irori. Now Iwatani has got together with designer Hiroaki Watanabe for this exclusive, ultra-stylish twist on the standard gas canister stove.

The resulting Amorfo Premium is actually a remake of Iwatani’s 1990 Amorfo, complete with a chic post-2000 twist. Watanabe came along and “made fire beautiful”, cleaning up the shape of the stove and covering the caps. Everything was given a workover to make it easy-to-use in these more design-enlightened technology days, including improving the knob and the graphics. The results are also significantly more compact than conventional table stoves, and Watanabe won a Good Design Award for his efforts.

The Amorfo Premium features:
・Size: 355 x 310 x 84mm (14 x 12.2 x 3.3″)
・Weight: around 2.2kg (4.9 lb)
・Gas canister not included
・Materials: SPCC, aluminum, stainless steel, ABS etc
・Made in Japan

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