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Amuleto Mini Table Lamp

Amuleto Mini Table Lamp
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Alessandro Mendini designed the Amuleto table lamp as a lucky charm for his grandson.

This lamp ideally embodies the whole universe in its three circles, recalling the trinity of the Sun, Moon and Earth respectively.

“Amuleto” is the Italian word for amulet, indicating a longing for mankind’s happiness and fulfillment of dreams.

Amuleto’s chain of rings is built using a patented system of hinges that allow light to be shed in any direction. Of its three circles, the bottom one is the base, the middle one is the brace and the top one contains the light-crown of LEDs.

The lighting element has 48 LEDs with soft yellow light 2700°k, max 8 Watt.

Measures H 40 cm x W 50 cm x Base Ø 17 cm.

When extended, measures H 44 cm x W 65 cm x Base Ø 17 cm


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