Anniversary Gift For Husband Gift For Dad Groomsman Gift

Anniversary Gift For Husband Gift For Dad Groomsman Gift
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A hand forged railroad spike knife with a strength and beauty that will last forever. How about a k11 for your 11th anniversary? a steel gift for him that he will enjoy and show off for years? If youre looking for the perfect groomsmen’s gifts, a birthday gift for him, or the perfect 6th anniversary iron gift? Created by blacksmiths with years of dedication to quality and craftsmanship this forged knife has a twisted handle that can be personally engraved on the head for any special occasion. Add a name, initials, a date, or special message. For use or display, consider a leather knife sheath or railroad spike display stand to complete a knife gift for him or her. Knives are 8.5″ total length, 4.5″ blade, 4″ handle. Wire brushed finish with a natural wax coating to protect the blade. Dimensions may vary slightly as each item is handmade and forged independently. We file sharpen and harden them to hold an edge. For a finer edge the customer must apply a wet stone or graphite stick. We recommend these knives for light to medium duty use. They are intended for average functionality as well as show. We do not recommend them for heavy duty use or survival type use. stamping location options: 1. No Stamping 2. Head Stamping (15 character limit, due to space constraints) need sheaths?:

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