Anova Nano Smart Precision Cooker

Anova Nano Smart Precision Cooker
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If there’s one thing we humans love – it’s a shortcut that gets amazing results. With that in mind, you could read the rest of this description or you could just do a quick Google Image search for “sous vide steak” – both offer some pretty compelling reasons to want this sensational kitchen device in your life. The Anova Nano Smart Precision Cooker takes all the effort out of cooking and produces ludicrously tasty results. High-end restaurants have been using sous vide cooking for years to cook food and get that perfect level of “doneness” every time – and now you can too. How does it work? Clip the Nano to the side of a tall pot filled with water Season your food, place it in a sealed bag (regular freezer bags or reusable silicone bags work just fine) and add it to the pot Either use the controls on the Nano or let the app take care of the rest! But how does it work work? Okay so cooking the food in a bag creates a vacuum, forcing every last drop of juicy flavour back into the food as it’s cooking. The Nano maintains the water at a consistent temperature which slow-cooks your food perfectly from edge to edge. It’s accurate to 0.1 and when the difference between rare and medium-rare is just 3, precision counts. Once it’s done you can always give it a super quick sear in a pan for that extra flourish. Unlike a traditional slow cooker that either takes up an entire cupboard or gets stuffed on top of the fridge-freezer (and never used again!) – this lil’ guy is super sleek and fits neatly into a drawer, so you’ll always have your new favourite cooking device close at hand. Our personal favourite feature? You can kiss goodbye to those frantic “back in a minute!” dinner party situations where you’re in and out of the kitchen – now you can just monitor the progress of your meal with the simple smartphone app. If you like sleek cooking technology, being lazy and eating unbelievably delicious food – what are you waiting for?

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