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Antigua Whirlpool Bathtub

Antigua Whirlpool Bathtub
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Brand new multi-function computerized whirlpool tub, water proof 15″ flat screen LCD TV, radio, 10 adjustable body massage jets, 12 whirlpool bubble bath jets, 8 small water jets, underwater mood lighting, 2KW heater, hand held shower and more!” THREE YEAR WARRANTY-See Details. Call for optional 4 sided skirt pricing.

This computerized whirlpool (75″ X 55″ X 29″) brings a whole new meaning to the words comfort, relaxation, and luxury. Designed with the highest quality in craftsmanship and unparalled technological innovation we guarantee you complete and utter satisfaction with this luxurious product. Truly the best whirlpool tub of its kind on the market today.

There is no better friend than water jet massage and exhilerating bubble bath after a grueling workout or a long day at work. Catch your favorite shows or listen to your favorite music! Best of all you don’t have to do this alone. This tub is specially designed for two users. Why wait. Bring the ecstasy of modern spa technology to your very own home at a fraction of the price! The safe, soothing comfort of a whirlpool bath makes the rest of the world simply f a d e a w a y…

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