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Apollo Ceiling Lamp Combination #4

Apollo Ceiling Lamp Combination #4
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Apollo series by International Studio is a modular system of light shades designed to be arranged in layered combination. The four different forms available nest in a multitude of configurations on a standard screw cup lamp holder.

The shades are made of spun 1mm aluminium, and each shape comes as either solid or perforated version. When the shades are stacked in combination, the stamped perforations enable the light from the bulb to be gradually filtered. This allows for further customization of the overall aesthetic and manipulation of the emitted light.

Material: Spun, Anodised Aluminium (1mm thick).
Color: Module S3: Aluminum, Module C2: Aluminum, Module C1: Blue.
Measurements: H: 19 cm Ø 32.5 cm.

Included: Pendant light fitting for the Apollo Lampshades with cable, light-bulb fitting and ceiling rose in white.The International Studio Apollo Pendant Light fitting also fits any standard shade with a E14 light-bulb up to 100W max. The ceiling rose contains standard wiring.

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