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APPEAL Clothing

APPEAL Clothing
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APPEAL clothing is a new online clothing store that intends to be bold by being mono in its designs. They are designed to be simplistic but yet be meaningful. With APPEAL the main aim is to make income for selected charities through selling its products to all of the great supportive customers, such as you. We say great and supportive because we literally mean it. Yes, you are great because you are spending money at the store, but you are also being supportive. How are you being supportive? That’s simple – because buying the products from APPEAL means we are able to give a percentage of what we make to a UK charity. So the more products we sell, the higher the amount we can give to those charities. So, at the end of the day, you get a new product, and a charity is able to help someone in need.

With the funding raised on kickstarter we can acquire all of the items we need to start our project, with the most important being the ability to pay for the online store. The other items needed are the basic clothing products such as t-shirts, jackets, headwear and certain extras. The more funding we raise, the more we will be enabled to offer a larger range of products, and to have different designs available. Therefore, with your pledge you are helping this company to rise from the paper leaves of a notebook to an online clothing store for you, and hope for those less fortunate. Even though the company is only a small start-up, it doesn’t mean it can’t have a big ambition. This ambition is to sell these products worldwide, but in order to do that your support is greatly needed.


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