APPLESS – Be free from the screen

APPLESS – Be free from the screen
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We are a bunch of 30 somethings who decided to stand up and do something against the progressive digitlization and isolation of our world.

On a night out together, we realized how much time not only we, but all the people around us spend looking at their phone. We started guesstimating how much collective time all the people in our restaurant are giving up to the screnn. Then, we started thinking how much this is on a city/country/ global scale. We realized that once you stop and think about this is, the results are shockingly mind-blowing! How much happier and healthier lives could be if only people looked away? How much of this time could be spent on fun or creative experiences or on making the world a better place?

And then we asked ourselves, “Is there anything we can do about this?”

Then it struck us! Fight the enemy with its own weapon! What if we design an app that would show people how much time they spend on all their other apps… What if we could help them not only realize this, but help them fight it!

Fast forward 2 years and here we are now…

Over this period we consulted addiction therapists, researched behavioral science and ways to influence and alter human actions. We used this knowledge to come up with possible app functions and capabilities that would help people free themselves from the screen. Tens of app design iterations later, we have the framework for a fun and aesthetically pleasing tool that we believe will change the way people interact with their phones.

– Appless focuses on the concept of progress based on changes and improvements in your behavior.

– Its goal is to inform the user about their actual behavior in comparison to their perceived behavior. We believe that people greatly underestimate the amount of time they spend using non essential phone fuctions and apps.

– Appless is designed to keep you from using your phone compulsively and to use it only when you really need to. It will reward your for your progress and changes in your behaviour to help keep you motivated and strong!

– The tool can be set up for varying degrees of visibility. You can customize how much Appless monitoring and coaching you want to see, so that you can choose the most personally suitable and effective level to help you live a screen-free life.

– We plan to introduce various parental control features to help parents monitor and improve children’s interaction with their phones. This will let parents to effectively oversee how children use their phone and ensure they use it for necessary and educational purposes and appropriately limit the amount spent on non-essential usage.

– Our extensive research (see above) as well as personal experience in coaching and motivating people ensures that appless is more than just a pretty app which monitors your phone usage. It is a well designed and engineered tool to effectively and permamently influence and alter the behaviour of those that want to live a screen-free life.

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