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Aqua Treadmill by World of Watersports

Aqua Treadmill by World of Watersports
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This World of Watersports Aqua Treadmill gives you a whole new way to move through the water. Made of durable yet soft PVC, it’s easy to use: just climb in the center, walk forward, then push with your hands to move on the water. It’s steerable and has eight convenient drainage ports so you won’t get weighed down by excess water. Plus, it’s brightly colored for maximum visibility and safety in the water.

About World of Watersports (WOW) Founded in 2010 by Leroy Peterson, WOW is now the leader in cutting-edge water sport accessories. Committed to quality construction and innovative ideas, WOW has pioneered a wide variety of ski tubes and accessories designed to put the functionality in your summer water fun. WOW has developed a whole new generation of towables that are exciting, safe, and affordable. Strong yet soft PVC material. Dimensions 74L x 74W x 61H in. (inner dia. 48 in.). For up to 3 people. For all ages. Brightly colored for easy visibility.

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