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AquaBoy Pro II Air To Water Generator

AquaBoy Pro II Air To Water Generator
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Pro II Air To Water Generator. AquaBoy Pro II, air to water generators make purified great tasting water from the air. With droughts, water restrictions, water quality warnings, boil alerts, lack of water due to natural disasters and an overall awareness of the importance of purified water (for drinking, making tea, coffee, ice or baby formula, cooking, pet care, steam irons and humidifiers, house plants and drip irrigation, and more), everyone will benefit greatly by using the AquaBoy Pro II.

Make your own purified great tasting water, No chlorine, fluoride, lead, or other harmful ingredients, No plumbing needed, Use no groundwater, Eliminate cumbersome plastic bottles, Save money, Contemporary, compact design. UL LISTED, Makes up to 2 to 5 Gallons per Day, Hot and Cold water, Hot Water Lock, Stores 4.6 Gallons of Water, 7-Stage EZ-Filter. Process (including HEPA & UV)Stainless Steel Tanks, Stainless Steel Coils, Energy Saving Sensors, Microcomputer, Advanced LED Panel, Water Level Gauge, Filter Replacement Indicators, Water Inlet Valve (for stand-alone filtering), 2-Year, Limited Warranty.

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