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Aquabrass Cura Rain Showerhead

Aquabrass Cura Rain Showerhead
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More than just a shower, the cura rain head stimulates your senses in an absorbing new experience. Never before has a simple jet of water offered so much. Rejuvenate yourself with an aura of wellbeing that will last all day long.

The integrated chromatherapy system in both cura rain heads will wrap you in a halo of real psychophysical wellbeing, lighting up your emotions. Choose the color that fits your mood from a range of 16 shades. With chromatherapy, you will enjoy a real sense of pleasure and positivity, for both the body and the soul. The 24” x 24” cura contains 6 RGB LED lamps.

The aromatherapy system offers three fragrances – floral, relax and energy – that will turn your room into a haven of wellbeing. It will give you a sensation of tranquility and relaxation for both the body and the mind. It acts as an equalizer, working on all three human dimensions: energetic, mental and physical. With the aromatherapy, cura lends a touch of magic to help you face your day with serenity.

Built-in Electronic diverter for multiple functions of spray
3 types of spray: rain, mist , complete rain (outer ring rain & central rain)
An integrated fan system diffuses the chosen fragrance every 30 seconds for a period of 10 seconds.
A set comprising the three cartridges is included at time of purchase of the cura rain heads.
Chromatherapy (6 RGB Led lamps)

Aromatherapy (energy, flower, relax)
3/4” connection (3/4” x 1/2” hose supplied)
Feed voltage 12V (1.3A max.)
Water-proof control panel

Operating pressure 1.5 Min – 6 bar Max
6.5 GPM at 3 bar (at complete rain function)
Weight Net: 16kg
1 thermostatic and 4 volume control valves required to operate, sold separately
A wall mounted control panel gives you the control of all above features.

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