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AQUOGEN: Water and Breathable Oxygen On-The-Go

AQUOGEN: Water and Breathable Oxygen On-The-Go
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We have created Aquogen in order to make water and oxygen more accessible to you in the places where you need them the most.

Aquogen is a water bottle that holds not only water but also fresh, enriched oxygen, so you can get the breaths you need. If you are someone who suffers from fatigue or depression, you could benefit from Aquogen as well, because enriched oxygen has the potential to alleviate these symptoms. Aquogen is a simple, portable, ergonomic, reusable and durable container that contains as many as 25 breaths of enriching oxygen. Available in multiple colors, it’s what you need to live the life you want to live today and in emergency situations.

Since time immemorial, far back into the past, as long as life has resembled what we know as life, our ancestors took in oxygen, using it to stay alive. Fortunately, we exist on a planet where oxygen is in abundance. There is never any reason that we need to worry about running out of oxygen in the long term, but there are still times and places where oxygen can be difficult to obtain, more challenging locales and situations where oxygen does not come as naturally.

We need oxygen and water to live. Our entire sense of being is irrevocably intertwined with these substances; they are a part of who we are, and that will never change.

As an adventurer, you are always looking for your next thrill. You want to do things that feel new to you, things that are exciting in their own unique ways, things that get your blood pumping. Is there a mountain that’s taller than the last one you climbed? You want to scale it.

Is there some spot where the yoga is said to be even more peaceful than normally? You want to find it.

Is there some pilgrimage location? Is it high-altitude? That, too, is 100% you. You need to get there. On each of these adventures, you will run into the risk of oxygen deficiency. You may need some sort of supplemental source of oxygen, which is exactly where Aquogen comes in handy.

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