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ArtsOnDesk Modern Art Pen and Pencil Holder

ArtsOnDesk Modern Art Pen and Pencil Holder
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This Pen and Pencil Holder is created from the designer’s inspiration to create a unique pen and pencil holder. It will be a must-have office tool as well as a work of modern art. It will also have enough weight to prevent other holder problem of easily flipping over. Made of high quality stainless steel, this item is crafted by hand and made with the cutting-edge workmanship.

Its unique design has a patent registered in countries. At the bottom a secret code is laser engraved which hides important collectible information. Decoding is provided in a small booklet with the product. It comes with an optional black felt fabric to protect the inside bottom. 4 pads are on the outside bottom to prevent scratching. Packed in a gift box it is a perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, wedding, as well as for him, for her, for man, and for woman. Pens are not included. It is especially welcomed by doctors, lawyers, managers, dealers, executives, secretaries, exhibitors and all kind of professionals.

It is a pen/pencil holder stand cup tray as well as a work of modern art.
Made of high quality solid stainless steel with cutting-edge technology.
Weighty, no tipping over, patented,high-end and collectible.
Perfect gift/present for Chrismas, holiday, graduation, wedding, birthday, fathers, mothers valentines day.
Size: L2.75″ x W2.75″ x 3.5″

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