Artsy Leaf Pattern Decorative Patterned Paint Roller

Artsy Leaf Pattern  Decorative Patterned Paint Roller
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These patterned rollers are great for Home Decor projects. Achieve fabulous results fast and easy for the diy painter. You can create a negative application by rolling through any wet material, plaster, paint, glaze, stain, etc. Great for wall treatments – furniture decoration – cabinetry finishes – ceiling applications and even fabric. Decorative Pattern Rollers provide the everyday DIYer another tool to add creativity to their projects with texture, paint, and pattern!!! Package includes 1 Paint Roller w/handle. Roller is 7 inches. Basic Instructions for Decorative Art Rollers – Working with Glazing Medium: Start by applying the glaze to the surface area you are working on. Glaze stays wet longer than any other medium so you can allow the glaze to set-up a little before rolling through. Once it has tacked up a little, you can roll through. From time to time you may want to off-load the roller so that the roller will continue to remove the glaze. Once you are done rolling through, allow it to thoroughly dry. – Working with Texture Medium: The ArtsSyVille Embellishments Texture Medium (TxM) was developed as an easy medium to use with the rollers. The TxM can be applied with anything that has a flat side: room key, spatula, putty knife, trowel, etc. Youll want to apply a thin layer, about 1/8 to 1/16, of the TxM. This will be just enough to allow the roller to leave an impression. Again, you may need to off load the roller depending on your project. Allow to dry completely before painting on the textured finish. – Working with Paint: You can use any paint brand you want with the rollers, but i personally like working with the Chalk type paints. My favorite brand to work with is Debis Design Dairy diy Paints. You can use the paint straight from the jar, just apply to the surface with a brush or roller. If the area you are working on is small enough, the paint will stay wet long enough to roll through with the roller pattern of your choice. If you are working on a large area, you may want to add some clear glazing medium to the paint first, this will allow it to stay wet longer.

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