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Asshole Repellent

Asshole Repellent
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“as seen on front label”….ACME LEFT-HANDED WIDGET CORPORATION….ASSHOLE REPELLENT….GUARANTEED TO REPEL A COMPLETE TOTAL REPULSIVE ASSHOLE….Directions….When an Asshole is detected, goal atomizer on the Asshole and spray for one second….Chronic instances of being an Asshole might require the triple flubberblast (three brief sprays).

“as seen on back label “…. Let`s face it. The world`s filled with Assholes. Whether they`re on the mall, behind the wheel, on the grocery store, or on the fuel station, they`re in all places.They`re Assholes, and also you simply can`t keep away from them. Now you’ll be able to stick it again to em` with Asshole Repellent. What is Asshole Repellent? It`s atypical air that may refresh itself time and again.The planet will run out of Assholes earlier than you`ll run out of Asshole Repellent; and we each know that isn’t occurring. You get our drift.Comes utterly assembled.Whoever stated Assholes stay lengthy and prosper,by no means had A can of Asshole Repellent.So the subsequent time you run into an Asshole that you simply tried to keep away from, let em` know that you realize, that they know, that you recognize that they`re an ASSHOLE….with ASSHOLE REPELLENT….!! Now, if you really want to make people go away, the Liquid Ass Spray is perfect.

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