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Atmoph Digital Window

Atmoph Digital Window
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Atmoph Digital Window

A digital window that opens to beautiful scenery from around the world with 4K-shot videos and sound. Place it anywhere, be anywhere.
All videos provided for Atmoph Window are exclusively filmed with a 4K professional camera and high-performance microphone. Besides from free 10 videos installed, you can purchase/download scenery from more than 300 footages all over the world.

You can easily see the information you need in that moment with just a glance at Atmoph Window, such as a time, the date, the weather or a calendar.
To use Atmoph Window, you need Wi-Fi and a smartphone with iOS 9 or above, or Android 4.4 or above. There are two wall mount holes on backside, and you can hang it on the wall with screws or nails.

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