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Audeara: headphones that deliver perfect sound, always.

Audeara: headphones that deliver perfect sound, always.
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The world’s first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.

The first time you use the headphones you perform a simple hearing test – the results of which are stored in the headphones themselves. They then use your hearing profile to adjust the sound signal as it passes through them. They adjust your right ear independently from your left – making sure you experience sound in perfect balance.

Sometimes the change is enormous, other times it’s subtle, but it’s always there. Every person hears differently and every person hears differently in each headphone. We tailor the sound for each person based on these two principles.

Unlike other headphones that correct sound, Audeara puts you in control of the hearing test – meaning you can retest as many times as you like. They adapt with your hearing throughout your lifetime – so from the very first time they test you, they give you perfect sound, always. 

Compared to other headphones, you have full control with Audeara. Rather than use an automatic hearing test, Audeara allows you to drive your own listening experience with the help of its trusted companion – the Audeara App, available for iOS and Android.

To measure your unique hearing, we’ve employed gold standard methodology – the hearing threshold test. This determines exactly how much you can hear, identifies any areas you need to correct for, and graphs your unique hearing profile. Life, sirens, loud music – they’ve been harsh on our ears, and made hearing loss extremely commonplace. You might be one of the lucky ones with minimal hearing damage – but whether you are or not, daily exposure to sound has majorly impacted everyone’s ability to fully hear the music.

The first time you try on the headphones, you’ll perform a personal hearing test with the help of the Audeara app. Step by step, the app walks you through the testing procedure.

When you set yourself up in the app, the threshold test begins by emitting a low frequency beep. As you adjust the volume, the app is recording the quietest sound you can hear across a range of frequencies. Your personal hearing profile.

We test a range of frequencies up to 20,000Hz to offer ultimate precision and give you the choice to test 8 bands, 16 bands or 32 bands. The results of the test inform the hardware and will adjust your right ear differently from your left.

You’ll now see your audiogram – a picture of your hearing profile. Audeara then adjusts all incoming musical signals to your requirements, making sure each part of the signal reaches your brain in a way that’s heard as a perfect reflection of the intended signal.

Audeara goes as deep as possible and explores your psychoacoustic profile, which is not only determined by your anatomy, but your hearing health and your ability to hear and respond to the test. Because of this difference – automatic vs user informed – Audeara delivers a more accurate reading.

As your hearing changes over time, we encourage you to retest regularly, updating your hearing profile to maintain perfect listening, always.


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