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Audeze EL8 Titanium Lightning Cable Headphones

Audeze EL8 Titanium Lightning Cable Headphones
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Top Choice Closed-Back Headphones – The clear choice for anyone looking for audiophile and pro-grade sound in a portable, planar magnetic headphone. Innovative design features a near weightless diaphragm, plus patented Uniforce voice-coil technology, Fluxor Magnet Arrays, and Fazor Elements.
With Lightning Cable for Apple Users – Our 24-bit lightning cable brings a significantly better sound through its built-in amplifier, DAC and DSP that lets you bypass the internal components in your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Also offers a SIRI-compatible microphone for voice calls

Customize With The Audeze iOS App – Personalize your music playback with a 10-band equalizer that changes EQ in real time, and refine bass levels and tamp down highs on peaky recordings with the exclusive Audeze iOS app.
By Audeze – From the makers of the elite Audeze LCD 3 and Audeze LCD 2, the award-winning EL-8 planar magnetic headphones offer affordability, stellar design, usability and Audeze’s signature sound.
Made in the USA, Designed With BMW – EL-8 Titanium Magnetic Planar Closed-Back Headphones are designed, engineered and handcrafted in our Southern California factory. Custom aluminum frame, floating headband and closed-back headphone style designed by our strategic partner Designworks, a BMW group subsidiary.

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