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AudioVox Shutterball Selfie Camera

AudioVox Shutterball Selfie Camera
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Remote Shutter for Your Smartphone Camera Takes Perfect Pix!
Taking selfies has gone to the next level! A simple press of the ShutterBall releases the shutter on your Smartphone giving you epic selfies or group portraits without distortion or contortion. The ShutterBall is a great accessory for your Android or iOS compatible phone/tablet and gives you a brilliant photo without the mirror getting in the way.

Perfectly Portable
Enjoy taking those epic selfies anywhere you go. The ShutterBall is easily stored and taken on the go. You can just attach it through your belt loop, store it in your bag/purse or keychain and relish in those impressive photos anytime for any occasion. Whether you’re out to dinner with friends, at a sporting event or on top of a mountain, the ShutterBall makes capturing those special moments easier than ever.

Photos and Videos
The trigger works up to 60 feet away from your mobile device helping you take cool photos or amazing videos. Getting a great video of you and your friends at the skate park catching some air or while you’re just hanging out at the mall has never been easier or more gratifying. Just quickly press the ShutterBall while doing a trick or striking a pose and your picture will be taken with ease. The ShutterBall helps avoid those awkward photos with half of your arm in the picture or with someone photo-bombing in the background. Get exactly what you want out of your pictures and videos every time.

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