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Aumeo Audio Device & Headphone Personalizer

Aumeo Audio Device & Headphone Personalizer
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What is Aumeo
Aumeo is a headphones personalizer that customizes sound to your ear’s unique hearing.
Audio profile is to ears as sound signature is to headphones: every one is different. It doesn’t matter if you are using $500 headphones, you won’t hear all the sound if your hearing isn’t taken into account.

What it does
Tailor sound to your ears so you can hear everything the way it’s meant to be heard, in all its fullness and richness
Find out your ears’ unique sensitivity to various frequencies
Protect your ears: no more turning up the volume or straining to hear the details

How to use
Download the companion app AumeoHub (iOS and Android). Connect your Aumeo device to the phone via Bluetooth. Plug wired headphones into Aumeo’s output jack.
Launch the app to start measuring your ears. This will create your unique audio profile.
Once done, your audio profile will be uploaded to the device. You can then connect it with other audio sources and enjoy sound tailored to your ears.
*This product must be used with wired headphones. It cannot be used with Bluetooth headphones.

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