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Aura One Chef Knife in Black Onyx and Redwood Burl

Aura One Chef Knife in Black Onyx and Redwood Burl
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Coveted by chefs and collectors worldwide, the Aura One represents the pinnacle of modern American knifemaking.
Cooking with an Aura One knife is an experience of culinary perfection. Warm, rare burl wood rises to meet the hollow of your hand as your fingers reach for the perfectly engineered bolster. As your hand rises, the knife tips gently towards the surface of the counter, its perfect balance awaiting the deftest touch from the chef’s hand.
The Aura One is the result of years of research spent studying chefs in the kitchen and perfecting exquisite knife materials. Cryogenically hardened Aura steel is combined with rare isotropic Californian burl wood and onyx or white turquoise precious stones to create a knife capable of the highest levels of culinary performance in kitchen and prized by top chefs worldwide.

Each Aura One knife is handmade by master knifesmiths in California, and features:
Uncompromising design for top chefs – Aura spent years with chefs studying efficient knifework to develop the Aura One. Every detail of the knife’s legendary performance has been built with Aura’s deep understanding of the professional chef’s movement in the kitchen.

Aura Steel – Crafted in over 30 steps and the result of years of development, Aura Steel provides phenomenal sharpness and edge retention for professional knifework.
3D handle – Sculpted through deep study of knife movements in the kitchen, the Aura One’s signature 3D handle provides a balance of power and precision beloved by chefs worldwide.
Rare burl wood handles – California redwood and buckeye burl wood is hand-harvested for the Aura One handles. The isotropic grain of burl wood provides strength in all directions, transmitting excellent edge feel to the chef’s hand.

Gemstone counterweights – Precious onyx or white turquoise gemstones provide perfect balance for the Aura One. Mounted on the rear handle, they increase angular inertia of the knife for better handling stability and precision.
Optical finish – A proprietary satin finish reduces optical glare from overhead kitchen lights and provides a color-neutral surface for chefs to focus clearly on food under preparation.

Swept heel – A 5-degree, swept-back heel places more working knife edge under the chef’s hand where power and control are maximized. The result is more powerful and precise cuts with greater feel and less fatigue.
Advanced blade geometry – The Aura One features a long, 9.5-inch working edge yet maintains less than 2mm average thickness thanks to the strength of Aura steel. An advanced nonlinear grind profile promotes blade stiffness and reduces slicing friction.

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