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AutoExec RoadMaster Portable Car Desk

AutoExec RoadMaster Portable Car Desk
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Stay efficient, organized, and in-control all while you are out and about in your car. The RoadMaster Car from AutoExec is a superior file organizer and notebook desk built specifically for your car. It’s ideal for those who are busy even while outside of the office or even those who just like to remain organized and enjoy having important documents close at hand.

The RoadMaster Car features multiple storage compartments for office supplies, hanging folders, and other accessories. In addition, a large flat platform is provided with a swivel plate that attaches to your notebook. It can be adjusted for maximum comfort bringing your notebook forwards three inches from the edge of the platform.

Acts as a mobile office desk for your car
Notebook attaches to a swivel plate for comfort adjustment
Helps to keep important documents near by
Multiple compartments provide storage for office supplies and folders
Slide out board provides a writing surfac

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